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is absolutely our priority.

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Our Philosophy

At Absolom & Shepherd Attorneys, we cultivate a culture of excellence. We are endeared towards the idea of delivering excellent results to our excellent clients. We understand that to be excellent our teams must be happy and healthy, in an enabling environment. Hence, we achieve excellence by enabling it.

This is who we are

Absolom & Shepherd Attorneys is a legal solution centre for business and commerce in Zimbabwe and Africa. It offers a wide array of legal services in the fields of corporate, banking, commercial, investment and technology law. It handles multi-million-dollar transactions and disputes and identifies itself as a go-to marked leader in corporate and commercial law. To that end, the firm has remarkable talent and specialists in the fields of investments, exchange control, shareholder rights, dispute resolution and corporate and commercial litigation among other related fields. The firm boasts a diversity of skills and expertise, drafted from the best legal talent in the nation. The firm's client portfolio includes a European diplomatic mission in Zimbabwe, the shareholder in a large life assurance entity, a multi-national mining and energy concern among many other valuable clients. The firm's keen emphasis on excellent service delivery is embedded in its mantra, which compels all its stakeholders to hearken to the future of law practice.


To provide international legal solutions, cultured in excellence and value creation.


We pursue the future of law practice by mobilizing the best talent, resources, technology and exceptional networks to achieve sustainable solutions for our clients.

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Social Responsibility

The firm is an active part of society through impactful Social Responsibility projects whose main thrust is to deliver excellent value to our community and society. Our social responsibility offering features the following:

⬤ Our work with Pamumvuri

Pamumvuri is a Non-profit that focuses on environmental and mental wellness. Our firm strategically partners Pamumvuri in clean up campaigns and mental health awareness activities across the country. The firm's senior partner is a board member of Pamumvuri and in that capacity offers advice.

⬤ Our work in education

The firm has an active mentorship program that pairs the firm's professionals with tomorrow's lawyers. The firm's members have also previously donated their time into coaching debate, public speaking and advocacy in high schools and tertiary institutions.

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